What’s with the stupid questions?

Why do people ask such bizarre questions? When you get to a certain age (especially as a female), people decide its socially acceptable to ask highly personal questions. It starts with ‘when are you getting a boy/girl friend’, then progresses to ‘when are you getting married’ (perhaps, Joyce, I don’t agree with your view on … Continue reading What’s with the stupid questions?


I’m sitting here, knowing that I have to write this, for myself more than anything but at the same time not really knowing what to write. So, here goes... What do I know about infertility. Both everything and nothing; it’s such a complex, heartbreaking and distressing beast that it’s tough to even articulate. Even the … Continue reading Infertility

To renovate or not, that is the question………….

To be honest, it was never really a question for us, my parents have been doing up our houses since I can remember, we’ve always lived in period properties that they have pulled apart and between them can basically build anything so when we decided to sell our new build flat in Hackney and find a … Continue reading To renovate or not, that is the question………….