The nursery

 I think doing a nursery can be one of the most fun rooms in the house because you basically have free reign to go as crazy as you like. It doesn’t need to fit in with the rest of the house, you can go for a theme if you want to (where else can you do that?!) and if it’s for a baby, they won’t even know what the room looks like for a couple of years so you can essentially do what you like! I thought I’d tell you how we did our nursery and some of the fab brands I collaborated with.

The ‘theme’:

I’m not really a theme person but I wanted something to hang the room around. I toyed with a number of things that I could make colourful and fun such as circus, jungle and then I landed on day and night. I looked for inspo in the normal places (Insta, Houzz and Pinterest) and built up a list of things I loved. There is a great page @nurserydecor on insta for loads of inspo – check it out!

How I started:

I decided that I wanted to split the room into day and night and to use paint as the definition between the two and so that was the priority to choose. I’d been chatting to Ashley from Vintro Paints who are a family owned paint company that have an amazing range of colours and she sent me some samples. Even the sample pots are these beautiful glass bottles with an individual test piece of wood that you can use for mess free testing! I wanted a good contrast so in the end we went for moonshine for ‘day’ and nightfall for the night. They also sent us some silver and gold for some stars and clouds.

The room design:

Before we started to paint I wanted to map out the furniture so we could work out where everything would fit and the best way to depict day and night. We knew we wanted a cot that would last until he was a toddler, a chair and then good storage. We started off with the cot positioning (we went for the Babymore Eva sleigh cot) as it had a droppable side, goes up to age 4 ish, has a draw and had won a mother and baby award) we only have a small ish room and it needs to be away from the radiator so the baby doesn’t so that the baby doesn’t get too hot and so that determined the rest of the room. We also knew that we wanted to chair to be near the window and room for a bookshelf and I wanted to make sure the wardrobe didn’t over shadow anything in the room so that went in the corner out of the way.

The painting and floorboards:

We used frog tape to get the diagonal stripe across the wall

Once we decided on the layout we had to sort the decorating. We had pine flooring as we’d had the whole room newly built. We wanted to stain it a darker colour; the builders had done it once already but they did it when they were finishing the house and it there was plaster and dust everywhere which meant it was as a horrible brown and grey colour as the dirt got engrained in the wood. We used Osmo stain and went over it, painting the oil in with a brush then rubbing off the excess with a rag then leaving it to dry for over 24 hours. For the the room, we wanted to split it diagonally so the colour contrast had more of an impact. To do it, we chose which walls to split and then measured the diagonal using a spirit level and a tape measure. We didn’t actually get it right in the middle as using the corner of the room made more sense and made it look more evenly split. Then we frog taped the ceiling and skirting boards and painted both coats of the light colour first. Once this was dry we then frog taped a line on the diagonal and painted the darker one. Once one coat was done we immediately started the second one as you aren’t meant to leave the frog tape on for too long as it can take the paint underneath off. A few frog tape tips:

  • Make sure it’s firmly pressed down so no paint can get underneath
  • Having said that, don’t press it too firmly across the whole piece of tape as it can take the paint off
  • Less is more in terms of paint in the areas where the frog tape is – don’t slap loads of paint on as it will smudge and take ages to dry
  • Don’t leave it until it’s dry to take it off, do both coats and remove the tape when the paint is still tacky
  • Take it off slowly to minimise the chance of it pulling the paint underneath off
  • Having said all of that, we still had some areas where the light blue came off and so I just touched them up with a little brush and it was fine

The night sky:

We used Vintro paint and stencils to make the night sky

For the night sky, we got a couple of things, firstly we found a lovely moon lamp from Mini Maison which is a night lamp too and we then used the Vintro metallic paint to paint some stars and clouds. For the clouds, I used a piece of cardboard and cut out a cloud shape with a Stanley knife and then used a round sponge to blot the outside with the silver and gold paint, using the silver as the main base and highlighting it with the gold, this gave a kind of fluffy outline. I think odd numbers always look better and so I scattered 5 across the wall. For the stars, we got a stencil from Amazon which had a few different sizes which I chopped up so I could do them individually. I then just started with the large stars and scattered them across the wall, alternating between gold and silver and then built the smaller ones up around them in the gaps. To stick the stencil to the wall I used blue tac on each of the points of the stars and then sponged each one. Even though I used minimal paint it still smudged a little behind the stencil, I just went back when it was all dry and touched them up with the blue night fall paint to neaten them up!


We wanted a bright chair to  represent the sun

We knew that we wanted lots of colour against the blue walls and to have different pieces rather than everything matching. I also wanted splashes of yellow to represent the sunlight, one of the main yellows was the chair which is a super comfy winged chair which is meant to be good for breast feeding. It was just from Ikea and really reasonable!

Accessorising the ‘night’ side:

We chose this stunning Greenaway Skinny bookshelf from the Great Little Trading Company

One of the main things we wanted was a bookshelf as reading is a great way to bond with your baby and is really important to us. As I said, it’s a small room and so we wanted a bookcase which fitted a lot on and could showcase the books but also wasn’t huge. We went for the Greenaway skinny bookcase which was perfect and which was super easy to put up. The quality of the wood and the finish is super and you can fit lots of books on there but also see which books you have easily. You can also hang garlands and other bits from it if you want to! We then got a few prints from a couple of amazing kids companies including Kid of the Village, Squidgearoo and Roscoe Rules (see the links below) which showed rockets, moons, the solar system and other night items! We got a lovely wooden garland from Roscoe Rules which is a lovely garland and print business run by a working mum and then another lovely moon wooden garland from Litenhem which is a scandi inspired brand run by Liz and Amy from Cornwall and does lots of wooden decorations and some Montessori type items. Finally I got a beautiful hanging decoration which was custom made by the lovely Nicky at Cece and Bear which is a new company (again, another working mum and small business). Nicky has hanging decorations that are made from liberty prints, velvets and other luxurious material so they feel super special. We got one with a star and cloud in blues and golds.

Accessorising the ‘daytime’ side:

We loved the great little trading company stuff so much that we bought their plane shelf too which we thought was practical but also fun (link below) and tied in with the daytime link as planes fly through the air right?! I wanted to have some representation of the sun and the lovely Anna at Happy Sunday Studio sent her sunshine banner which was perfect. It’s made from material, hand sewn with a wooden trim – amazing quality! We then also got a large rainbow print from Kid of the Village and some stunning garlands including a rainbow hand knitted one from the lovely Kimberly at Magpie and Pickle and a cloud one from Litenhem. We then finished that side off with a lovely hanging rainbow and hanging cloud from Tilly and Primrose.

So, that’s about it! What I love about the nursery is that we have lots of amazing bits from small brands and lots from mums! Plus, we can carry on building the items we have in there Jonás we see things we like and it can be an eclectic mix. I hope that was helpful and you’ve found some fab brands! I’ve popped all of the links below but as ever drop me a message if you have any questions!

Gifted items from brands I collaborated with:

Other items we used:

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